In this special edition of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, host Matt Cook welcomes the multifaceted golf influencer, Josh Buttsy, for an invigorating episode filled with golf talk, laughter, and shared stories from the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

This episode starts with Buttsy recounting his unconventional journey into the golfing limelight, originating from sipping beers and shooting the breeze at Papago Golf Club to becoming an internet sensation. His stories are not just funny anecdotes – they're insights into a world where golf meets fun in the most unexpected ways. The episode captures the vibrant atmosphere of the Waste Management Open, drawing listeners into the hype surrounding one of golf's most unique tournaments.

About the Guest(s):

Josh Buttsy, known to his fans as "Buttsy," is a renowned personality in the golf world, celebrated for his comedic take on the sport as well as his influence on social media. He made a mark with "lessons with Buttsy," which gained traction for its entertaining approach to golf instruction. Butsy's unique content creation started with candid conversations and relatable humor at Papago Golf Club, eventually leading him to rub shoulders with legendary golfers like John Daly. His journey from a casual golf enthusiast to a respected figure in the community highlights a deep-rooted passion for the game, as evidenced by his experience playing high school golf, junior college golf, and a brief stint in mini-tour golf.

Key Takeaways:

  • Golf influencer Josh Buttsy's spontaneous foray into social media stardom began with casual golf discussions and evolved into a popular series called "Lessons with Buttsy."

  • The Waste Management Phoenix Open, dubbed "The People’s Open," presents three participant segments: the genuine golf fans, the party animals, and the fashion-conscious attendees.

  • - Matt Cook and Josh Buttsy share a candid take on the Waste Management Open, including the essence of each fan category and their distinctive behaviors.

  • The episode delves into the diverse crowd at the tournament, depicting it as a revelatory experience that transcends traditional golfing events.

  • Tips for the best tournament spots to attend and avoid are offered based on whether you're there to seriously watch golf, party hard, or showcase trendy outfits.

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