In this 105th episode of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, host Matt Cook sits down with Sam Hahn, CEO of L.A.B. Golf, to dive deep into the origins and technology behind the company's unique approach to putters. The episode opens with Matt expressing his excitement about the technology that L.A.B. Golf brings to the table and its impact on the golfing community.

Sam Hahn shares his unexpected journey into the golf industry, starting from his days as a theater and music enthusiast to becoming a devout student and later an innovator in the sport. The narrative unfolds the intriguing story of how he discovered L.A.B. Golf's putter, fell in love with its performance, and decided to take a leap into the industry to enhance and expand its reach.

About the Guest(s):Sam Hahn is the CEO of L.A.B. Golf, a company that has been revolutionizing the golfing industry with its innovative technology in putters. Coming from a background where theater and music were his mainstays, Sam's foray into golf began as a pastime with his dog at a local golf course, which quickly turned into a passion for the sport. In a few short years, he ascended from a novice golfer to a scratch player. His obsession with every facet of golf, especially equipment tinkering, led him to encounter the groundbreaking lie angle balance technology by inventor Bill Presse. Sam's profound experience with the Lab Golf putter motivated him to partner with the inventor and rebrand the company, committing to change golfers' experiences on the greens through L.A.B. Golf’s offerings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sam Hahn's transition from a scratch golfer to golf industry innovator was spurred by his quest for a consistently performing putter.

  • The unique lie angle balance technology and the challenges of balancing putters in manufacturing.

  • The influence of notable tour professionals like Adam Scott and Vaughn Taylor in popularizing the L.A.B. Golf putters.

  • L.A.B. Golf's struggles and triumphs in gaining traction in the competitive market of golf equipment.

  • Insights into Sam's views on Live Golf and how the industry is evolving with this new entrant.


Tune into the full episode to delve into the world of innovative golf technology with Sam Hahn and explore how L.A.B. Golf is making strides in the industry. For more engaging conversations and insights into the game, stay subscribed to Pull Hook Golf.

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