In this insightful episode of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, host Matt Cook sits down with experienced PGA Tour caddie David Gies to unravel the often overlooked yet critical role of a caddie in professional golf. David shares his journey from his early days in junior golf, his brush with professional play, and his eventual emergence into caddying, offering a first-hand account of the skills, tactics, and relationships that define the role.

The conversation delves deep into the challenges and triumphs of caddying at the highest level. From Gies' maiden voyage at the Masters to the hustle required to maintain a job on the tour, this episode is enriched with the nuances of golf that enthusiasts rarely get to hear. Importantly, it highlights the evolving camaraderie between caddies and players, illuminating how Gies' bond with Harrison Endycott transcends the course and becomes a cornerstone for success in high-stress situations.

About the Guest(s):

David Gies is a seasoned PGA Tour caddie with a rich history in the game of golf. Having started playing at a young age, Gies' golf journey led him from competitive junior and collegiate golf to attempting a professional playing career. Despite not turning pro, he has made significant achievements, including playing in eight USGA events and making it to the quarters of the US Mid-Amateur. Gies' caddie career kicked off remarkably at the Masters, where he caddied for US Mid-Am winner Kevin O'Connell and later transitioned to the PGA Tour, working with players like Johnson Wagner and now Harrison Endycott, the recent Q School Winner.

Key Takeaways:

  • David Gies' progression from a young golfer to a seasoned PGA Tour caddie encapsulates the demanding nature of the sport beyond the greens.

  • The episode touches on the importance of caddie-player relationships, showcasing the dynamic between Gies and Harrison Endycott.

  • Gies' recounts managing situational pressure during tournaments, with strategies like focusing on hitting shots to 20ft to maintain the lead at Q School.

  • There is discussion around the lifestyle and behind-the-scenes work that caddies undertake, from course strategy to handling challenging bags on off-tours.

  • The conversation navigates the complexities and community opinions regarding LIV Golf and the potential implications for caddies and players alike.

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