Show Notes

In this episode, Matt Cook and Buttsy recap the PGA Championship and discuss the Swannies Golf contest. They delve into Scottie Scheffler's legal issues and performance, critique Valhalla golf course, and analyze current player performances, notably Xander Schauffele. They also discuss Bryson DeChambeau's impact on golf, cover the PGA Championship leaderboard, and preview the upcoming Charles Schwab Challenge. The hosts also talk about golf fashion, PGA Tour PIF Madness, and the impact of negative publicity on golf.

(0:00) Introduction and setting the scene at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club
(2:12) PGA Championship recap and Swannies Golf contest
(5:00) In-depth discussion on Scottie Scheffler's legal issues and performance
(20:04) Sponsor: Swannies Golf
(21:14) Criticism and defense of Valhalla golf course
(25:40) Analysis of current player performances, with focus on Xander Schauffele
(35:03) Examination of Bryson DeChambeau's performance and influence on golf
(43:28) Overview of the PGA Championship leaderboard and standout players
(53:12) Preview of the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club
(1:03:33) Off-topic banter and discussion on the podcast production
(1:06:03) Swannies Style Segment: Featuring the new collection Split Rock
(1:08:55) Discussion on golf fashion and styles
(1:12:05) Examination of PGA Tour PIF Madness and player reactions
(1:17:51) Impact of negative publicity on golf and promotion of Instagram giveaway

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