Tiger's Return to Riviera

Dive into episode #106 of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, where host Matt Cook offers a solo recap bursting with details from the Waste Management Phoenix Open and Tiger Woods' return at Riviera. Cook's firsthand experience at the Phoenix Open adds an intimate touch as he unravels the "wasted management" affair and tees up a discussion on Tiger's latest moves on and off the course. Matt Cook's one-on-one session tees off with a vivid recount of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, dubbed by some as the "Wasted Management Open." The narrative includes weather setbacks, course conditions, and a detailed account of fans overwhelming the greens. Cook then seamlessly shifts to the anticipation surrounding Tiger Woods' comeback at Riviera, peppering the discussion with predictions and personal anecdotes. Throughout, he integrates his experiences and conversations with golf pros, elevating the episode to more than just a simple summary. Key Takeaways: - Matt Cook shares an in-depth recap of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, detailing the unprecedented crowd control issues and adverse weather conditions. - Tiger Woods' imminent return to golf at the Riviera course is a central discussion point, with focus on both his health and performance expectations. - Cook introduces Tiger Woods' new clothing line, Sun Day Red, offering critique and curiosity for the future of the brand. - The episode covers the aftermath of the Live Golf event in Las Vegas, including team performances and celebrity sightings which underscore the dynamic growth of the tournament. - A solo episode provides Cook with an opportunity to blend expert analysis with his personal interaction with the events and people that shape the world of golf. Resources: - Get 25% OFF at ⁠Swannies Golf⁠ using Promo Code PULLHOOKGOLF25 at checkout - L.A.B Golf is changing the game with their DF3 putter, go to www.labgolf.com to get fitted today! Correction: The grass at Riviera is Kikuyu not Zoysia

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