The Enigma of Morikawa & Golf's Billion-Dollar Chess Game

In this riveting episode of the Pull Hook Golf Podcast, host Matt Cook delves into a whirlwind of hot topics in the golf world. From the awe-inspiring performance of Colin Morikawa at the ZOZO Championship to the groundbreaking PGA Tour & PIF Agreement, this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and insights. 🏌️‍♂️ Segment 1: The Enigma That is Colin Morikawa Is he an anomaly or the future of golf? Matt dissects Morikawa's astonishing 6-shot win at the ZOZO Championship in Japan, exploring whether the young golfer's third-round resilience solidifies his standing among the greats. 🎭 Segment 2: PGA Tour & PIF Agreement - A Game of Chess Is Jimmy Dunne the savior golf never knew it needed? Matt unpacks the seismic shifts occurring behind the scenes, including a potential $1 billion investment in LIV Golf by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. 🏆 Segment 3: LIV Golf Miami - The Battle of the Teams Who reigned supreme at the Team Championship? The episode provides a full rundown and poses the question: Is Dustin Johnson losing his spark? 🍄 Segment 4: The Psychedelic Turn in Golf Golf Digest dropped a bombshell article about golfers using Ayahuasca or Psilocybin to enhance their game. Matt discusses the implications, touching upon how these substances reportedly aided professionals like DJ Trahan and Morgan Hoffman. Don't miss this jam-packed episode that takes you inside the ropes and behind closed doors in the golf universe. Use promo code PullHookGolf25 for a special discount on your next Swannies purchase. Subscribe now to stay in the loop on all things golf!

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