Ryder Cup 2023 Preview Show | Pull Hook Golf

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Pull Hook Golf Podcast, where it's all about the Ryder Cup this week! From breaking down Team USA and Team Europe to unfiltered Ryder Cup stories, we've got you covered. Host Matt Cook and PGA TOUR Caddie Bobby Brown bring their unique perspectives to the table, and you don't want to miss it! 📌 What's Inside * Breaking Down the Teams: We're diving deep into Team USA, which hasn't won on international soil since 1993, and Team Europe. You'll hear about the players who made the team and those who surprisingly didn't. * Story Time with Bobby: Get ready to feel the emotions as Bobby shares his fondest and most challenging Ryder Cup memories from his time as a caddie. * Unfiltered Stories: Ever wondered what the wildest thing to happen at a Ryder Cup is? Or what the post-event party is like? Bobby's got some stories you'll have to hear to believe. * Ryder Cup Bets: We're laying down our predictions for who will score the most points and what the final scores will be. Who's going to come out on top? You'll have to listen to find out! 🛒 Swannies Promo: Don't forget to check out our sponsor, Swannies.co and use promo code PullHookGolf25 at checkout for 25% your order! 🎧 Listen Now! Hit that play button and get ready for a Ryder Cup experience like no other.

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