Monday Qualifier: Road to The PGA TOUR w/ Ryan French

In this episode of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, host Matt Cook sits down with Ryan French, the man behind Monday Q Info, who has turned six years of intense interest in lesser-known golf competitions into a career. Offering a unique glimpse into the trials and jubilations of golf's Monday qualifiers, French discusses the fascinating journeys of lesser-known players fighting for a spot in the big leagues. The conversation kicks off with French's personal journey into the realm of golf, followed by his transition to covering Monday qualifiers. French recounts favorite moments and impactful stories, underlining the significance of these events which often serve as a career-defining turning point for many players. The discussion also wades into the impact of LIV Golf on the golf landscape and French's perspective on the various changes it's brought about. About the Guest: Ryan French, also known as Monday Q Info, brings to the forefront the lesser-seen world of golf—Monday qualifiers and mini tours. He founded Monday Q Info as a hub for all things related to Monday qualifiers, providing centralized links, updates, and captivating stories from golf's grassroots levels. French is not just an ardent golf fan but also a narrator of the untold struggles and triumphs of those seeking glory in the sport. His insightful analysis and commitment to sharing these narratives have garnered him a dedicated following on Twitter and beyond. Resources: - Follow Ryan French's updates and insights on Monday qualifiers via his Twitter handle @acaseofthegolf1. - Check out the official website Monday Q Info for links to scores and the latest news from around the world of Monday golf qualifiers. - Listen to French's podcast, Any Given Monday, for more in-depth discussions and stories from the golf course. Remember, listeners of Pull Hook Golf get 25% off at when using promo code PullHookGolf25 at checkout! Tune in to the full episode of Pull Hook Golf to hear all the firsthand insights from Ryan French and discover why the world of Monday qualifiers is a microcosm of passion, determination, and heart that defines the game of golf. Stay connected for more episodes that dive deep into the untold facets of the sport we love. Chapters 0:00:15 - Introduction and sponsorship shoutout 0:01:39 - Ryan French's background and journey in golf 0:03:22 - Ryan French's decision to start covering Monday qualifiers 0:06:37 - Favorite moment or story from a Monday qualifier 0:10:49 - Surprising names on Monday Q leaderboards who are now big names 0:11:56 - Ryan French's love for the Korn Ferry Tour 0:13:23 - Exciting career-changing wins on the Korn Ferry Tour 0:13:57 - Ryan French shares a feel-good story about Tom Whitney's journey on the Korn Ferry Tour. 0:16:02 - The Korn Ferry Tour is a challenging path to the PGA Tour, but Monday qualifiers can also lead to life-changing opportunities. 0:16:57 - The Korn Ferry Tour purses have grown, but it is still a tough financial journey for many players. 0:19:02 - There is debate about whether the Korn Ferry Tour produces the best players due to the courses they play. 0:19:33 - Monday qualifying for the Korn Ferry Tour is extremely difficult, but one good week can change a player's life. 0:20:12 - The lowest Monday qualifying score seen was a bogey-free 64, which still didn't guarantee a spot. 0:20:54 - Ryan French has covered polarizing stories, including cheating and players struggling with their temper. 0:23:07 - Haters and negativity come with the territory of being a golf reporter, but it can be tiring for everyone involved. 0:25:47 - The current state of professional golf with its financial disparities and constant battling is causing fatigue among fans. 0:27:44 - Golf is at risk of losing fans who are tired of the negativity and polarization in the sport. 0:28:16 - Golf fans are becoming disinterested in the sport and only watch the majors. 0:29:43 - Chris Kirk's multiple wins on the PGA Tour are underappreciated. 0:31:26 - Grayson Murray's journey back to winning on the PGA Tour is impressive. 0:33:09 - Grayson Murray's struggles and personal growth make his recent win special. 0:34:49 - L.A.B. putters are gaining popularity on the PGA Tour. 0:37:19 - Streetwear in golf is a welcome change and allows for personal expression. 0:40:33 - Speculation on Tiger Woods' next apparel partner, likely Greyson. 0:42:04 - Discussion about the American Express golf event and the absence of Monday qualifiers 0:45:58 - Ryan's dislike for LIV Golf events 0:46:59 - Ryan's opinion on players participating in LIV Golf events 0:48:22 - Possibility of Monday qualifiers in LIV Golf events 0:52:21 - The positive aspects of LIV Golf and its impact on the Asian Tour 0:55:16 - Wyndham Clark is not joining Rahm's team. 0:55:58 - The fourth member of Rahm's team is still unknown. 0:56:40 - Rahm's team is named Legion XIII. 0:57:20 - Audience Q&A

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