A special holiday treat this week as we have on the podcast Mr. Super Trooper himself, Jay Chandrasekhar. He joins us for his first ever golf interview. Who knew the Director & Actor of Super Troopers 1 & 2, Beerfest and Author of Mustache Shenanigans was such a diehard golf fanatic who recently played 680 out of 730 days! What a streak! The most amazing thing is he's still married, well done Jay! He's currently filming in Vancouver, which is why the streak is now over, but he's filming a new movie called Quasi. The movie is based on the character Quasimodo (aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and will be a modern day version of Monty Python, Knights of The Round Table, style comedy. So thank you Jay for making this movie, can't wait to see it in 2023! Jay also shares an update on the making of Super Troopers 3 as well as his thoughts on making a golf movie.

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A couple episode corrections:

  • The Lake in Geneva, NY is called Seneca Lake
  • RTJ Trails are in Alabama (not Arkansas)

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