In this riveting episode, Matt Cook sits down with Summer Willis, a trailblazing golf influencer with an engineering background. With a following of over 130K on Instagram and 44K on TikTok, Summer has become a beacon for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

🏌️‍♀️ Segment 1: Discover how Summer's love for golf began and the challenges she faced as a woman in the sport.

📸 Segment 2: Dive into the strategies that catapulted her to Instagram stardom and how she fosters a community around golf.

🚺 Segment 3: Explore the unique challenges and triumphs Summer has experienced as a female influencer in a male-dominated sport.

🔧 Segment 4: Learn about the intersection of engineering and golf in Summer's life, including her innovative projects.

🌟 Segment 5: Get a sneak peek into Summer's future plans and how you can stay connected with her journey.

🔗 Connect with Summer:

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