He’s back! The charismatic Fat Perez graces the Pull Hook Golf podcast once again. When we last spoke, he was just setting out on his journey with Bob Does Sports on YouTube. Today, he stands as a colossal figure in the social media realm, teeing off with some of the most recognizable names in the celebrity and sports world.

Journey with us as we navigate the highs, lows, and unexpected turns of Fat Perez's monumental year. From a startling mishap on a bridge in Canada to moments of viral fame that even left him astonished, Perez chronicles his meteoric ascent. Dive into behind-the-scenes tales of golf rounds with the likes of Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Grant Horvat, Good Good, BustaJack, and many more.

Striking that sweet spot between humor and genuine golf prowess, Perez is on a mission to evolve the way we consume golf content. And for the fans who've been keeping tabs – we delve into the buzz around the anticipated Bob Does Sports golf ball and his collaboration with Callaway. But there's more on the horizon; Perez teases an upcoming Scottish adventure with Rick Shiels and the burgeoning Breezy brand.

Whether you're a seasoned supporter or just tuning in, this episode promises a medley of motivation, laughs, and unparalleled golf insights. Stay in step with Fat Perez's exhilarating journey and remain on the lookout for more captivating content from Pull Hook Golf.

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