For a sport that often places the spotlight solely on the individual athlete, golf is gradually revealing itself to be as much about the team behind the player as the player themselves. Case in point: Viktor Hovland's remarkable win at the 2023 TOUR Championship. While Hovland's skill and raw talent are indisputable, his victory can be attributed to a well-orchestrated team focused on achieving consistent results. Two key figures stand out in this lineup—Edoardo Molinari, a data analytics guru, and Joe Mayo, a short-game maestro. In this post, we'll delve into the workings of this dream team and how they helped elevate Viktor Hovland's game to championship status.

Edoardo Molinari: The Data Maestro

Edoardo Molinari has been turning heads in the world of professional golf, not merely as a decorated player but as a data analyst. His business, Statistic Golf, leverages advanced analytics to help golfers understand their strengths and weaknesses, make strategic choices, and even practice more effectively.

The Molinari-Hovland Collaboration

When Molinari first teamed up with Hovland, the focus was on course management. A talented ball-striker, Hovland was already among the best. Yet, as they say, golf is a game of inches—and percentages. Using Molinari's analytics, Hovland could quantify his game like never before, enabling him to focus on the minute details that often make the difference between a win and a loss.

"Molinari gave me a different lens through which to see the game," Hovland once noted. "I could see what aspects needed fine-tuning, and we'd create strategies to boost those areas. The data never lies."

Joe Mayo: The Short-Game Guru

Joe Mayo is not a name unfamiliar to those entrenched in the world of golf. Specializing in short-game strategies, Mayo has been instrumental in tweaking that crucial element of Hovland's play. The difference has been night and day.

Mayo’s Role in the Team

Before Mayo, Hovland admitted to being "young and stupid," going for pins when he shouldn't have, a mistake that cost him in major championships. Mayo instilled a more analytical approach to Hovland's short game, emphasizing when to take risks and when to play it safe. "It's like poker," Hovland explained, "You have to know when to hold them and when to fold them. Joe taught me the value of strategic play close to the green."

The 2023 TOUR Championship: A Pinnacle of Team Effort

The result of this powerful collaboration was on full display at the 2023 TOUR Championship. Hovland's game was near flawless. Every decision seemed calculated, each shot executed with purpose and precision. It was a victory not just for Hovland but also for the team behind him.

Analyzing the Win

What stood out in the championship was the consistency that Hovland displayed. In a game as unpredictable as golf, this level of reliability is often the defining characteristic of a champion. With Molinari's data-driven insights, Hovland knew which clubs to pick, what kind of swings to make, and how to adapt to the course conditions. Mayo’s teachings, on the other hand, manifested themselves in Hovland's impeccable short-game play. The margin for error was minimal, and Hovland seemed not just to navigate but to master these high-stakes moments.

The Future of Team-Based Success in Golf

Viktor Hovland's 2023 TOUR Championship win was a milestone in his career but it was also a testament to a more collaborative, data-driven approach to the sport. The days of the lone-wolf golfer, guided only by instinct and talent, are giving way to a new era—one where golfers are as much a product of their team as they are of their own abilities.


Viktor Hovland's win at the 2023 TOUR Championship is a shining example of what can be achieved when talent is paired with strategic, data-driven coaching. With a team built on consistent results, leveraging the best in analytics and skills coaching, Hovland has set himself up for a future filled with potential. As Edoardo Molinari succinctly put it, "Viktor’s potential is limitless."

It's a win that reflects the best aspects of modern golf: a perfect blend of skill, strategy, and science. And as teams like Hovland's continue to redefine what's possible in golf, the sky really is the limit.

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