Yo, golf fanatics, Jake here. You know, the guy who tells it like it is and doesn't sugarcoat the world of golf or any sport for that matter. Today, I'm going in on Dustin Johnson, the two-time major winner and—wait for it—a no-show at the 2023 Ryder Cup. Yeah, you heard that right. Mr. Big Bucks didn't make the cut. So, why the heck is DJ acting like a skipped record, saying he should have made the team? Let's break it down, shall we?

DJ's Defection, A Risky Move

First off, Dustin Johnson bolts from the PGA Tour to join Saudi-backed LIV Golf and gets a fat nine-figure deal. Then he wonders why he didn’t make the Ryder Cup team? C'mon, man! Let’s not forget that the guy lost sponsors like they were golf balls in a water hazard. This isn't some kiddie playground; this is the PGA we're talking about. If you're gonna leave the yard, you better be ready to climb some fences.

Missed Shots and Mixed Messages

DJ’s trying to play both sides of the tee box here. One minute, he’s humble-bragging about not "really playing that well this year," and the next, he's confident that he “played well enough to be on the team.” Sounds like someone's having a mid-life golf crisis.

You can't have it both ways, buddy. DJ finished 8th out of 52 players in the LIV Golf season rankings and had a less-than-stellar major championship season, save for a T-10 at the U.S. Open. Are those numbers Ryder Cup worthy? I'd say it's about as likely as Conor McGregor trading his MMA gloves for a nine-iron.

Reality Check: Koepka vs. Johnson

Let's get one thing straight: Brooks Koepka, another LIV golfer, made the Ryder Cup team because the guy didn’t just show up; he seized the damn day. While DJ was missing cuts and tying for 55th, Koepka was putting in the work and earned his spot as one of Zach Johnson's captain's picks. If DJ wanted that Ryder Cup spot, he should've left no doubt, just like Koepka.

Money Doesn’t Buy Team Spots

The third article got it right—taking "blood money" and playing poorly doesn't earn you a Ryder Cup berth. You can't sell out and then expect a welcome back party with a Ryder Cup invite. In a sport that’s becoming more of a business battlefield thanks to the Middle Eastern "blood money," your recent performances are your currency, not your history or your fat bank account.

A Lesson From UFC

Here’s where my love for UFC comes in: In the octagon, past championships don't mean jack if you can't deliver in the present moment. DJ needs to understand that making the Ryder Cup team isn’t about past glories; it’s about how you fight, or in his case, play, right now. You can't just lean back and expect your past to carry you into the future.

The Final Score

So, Dustin Johnson, maybe it's time to stop the record and face the music. You made your bed with LIV Golf and their Saudi millions; now lie in it. The Ryder Cup team is about who's hot, not who’s got the most dollars or past accolades. Golf’s a cruel game, man. You reap what you sow.

That’s it from your boy Jake, signing off until the next drama unfolds on the fairway.

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