Hey, Pull Hook Golf fanatics! Your go-to Mini Tour dropout, Matt Cook, recently took the mic at Sports Town, and let's just say he left no fairway unexplored. From discussing the impending doom—or lack thereof—of a PGA and LIV Series merger to dishing out bold predictions for Viktor Hovland and Rory McIlroy, Matt’s got a lot to say. So grab your clubs, put on your best visor, and get ready for a raw, unfiltered deep dive into the world of professional golf.

The Core of Pull Hook Golf

First up, Matt spilled some sweet tea on what makes Pull Hook Golf the podcast you don’t want to miss. This isn't your granddad’s golf show, people. It’s all about providing an uncensored look at professional golf, straight from the insiders: Matt himself and the legendary PGA Tour caddie, Bobby Brown. If you're tired of the sanitized chit-chat that often comes with traditional golf talk, Pull Hook is your sanctuary.

To Merge or Not To Merge: The LIV and PGA Saga

The chatter around a potential merger between LIV Series and the PGA Tour is the gossip everyone wants the scoop on. Matt went on record saying, "Contrary to popular belief, I don't see a merger happening anytime soon. While LIV Golf was thought to be on its way out, I think it's here to stay with a 2024 season already in the works."

Even Jay Monahan's recent presser didn't sway Matt: "He was notably vague, which leads me to stick to my initial belief that the merger is not imminent." Talk about playing hard to get!

Viktor Hovland: The Next Big Thing?

Who needs a crystal ball when we’ve got Matt’s predictions? According to our main man, Viktor Hovland is not only in his prime but is also set to conquer the Tour Championship. "It has evolved into a major-like event in terms of importance," Matt added, giving us all the feels for what’s to come.

The Rory McIlroy Conundrum

Sorry, Rory fans. Matt thinks the numbers aren’t in McIlroy's favor for snagging a major next season. With only four opportunities a year and brutal competition, the odds are, to put it bluntly, not too rosy for Rory.

Merger Implications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If the stars align and the merger does happen, it's a mixed bag. "The upside here is significant financial infusion into golf, along with unified governance under one umbrella," Matt notes. But here’s the kicker: "This would effectively hand control over to Saudi Arabia. Remember, whoever holds the purse strings holds the power."

Greg Norman: Odd Man Out?

The Shark could be swimming in troubled waters post-merger. Matt speculates that unless someone like Yasir Al-Rumayyan dives in for a save, Greg Norman might be the one left stranded on the golf island.

LIV Series’ Major Ambitions: A Pipe Dream?

Don't hold your breath for LIV Series adding another major or big golf tournament. Matt thinks it's a long road ahead, much like how the FedEx Cup and TOUR Championship gained their statuses over time.

The Elite Golfer Tier List

Who’s sizzling hot in the golf world? According to Matt, "Scottie Scheffler, Jon Rahm, and Viktor Hovland occupy the top tier. Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka, despite their mixed form, are too good to ignore and should also be in that upper echelon." There you have it, folks—Matt’s rankings are in.

Final Thoughts

When Matt Cook speaks, the golf world listens—or they should, anyway. He's not just giving you a birdie's eye view; he’s taking you inside the ropes and revealing the game's inner workings. If you're into no-holds-barred golf talk, you know where to find us: right here at Pull Hook Golf, the only place where the fairways meet the truth.


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